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To order our website anti-spam package, please fill out the form below and select from the available options.

Website Anti-Spam Package Order Form

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Website Form: If you know the exact URLs of the feedback / inquiry forms on your website, please list them below of one per line. Otherwise we will evaluate your website upon receiving your order.

FTP Logins: If you have the ftp logins to your website hosting, please list them below. If these are not readily available, one of our project managers will contact you upon receipt of your order to help obtain this information.

NOTE: Existing clients who are hosted by Tsunami PC Productions, you do not need to enter your logins.

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Pricing & Options:

Please select from the list of pricing options below:

Standard Website Anti-Spam Package: This is our base package and includes the following:

  • Website Inquiry Form Protection: We will update inquiry forms on your website and corresponding process pages, preventing spammers from sending you spam from your website inquiry forms, and preventing spammers from hi-jacking your inquiry forms to send others spam. Spammers will not even realize that you are protected, as our coding is completely invisible.
    INCLUDES: This includes updates to up to 2 feedback / inquiry forms.
  • Email Address Concealer Protection: We will locate and conceal email addresses on your website from spambots, while allowing your normal customers to still see your email addresses.
    INCLUDES: This includes replacement for up to 10 email addresses.
  • "How To Fight Spam" E-Book: Our exclusive e-book contains valuable information on where spam comes from, and how you can further protect yourself from spam not only on your website, but also on your personal computer.
    INCLUDES: This includes one copy of this e-book, valued at $49.

PRICE: $149

The following additional options are available for website owners who have medium to large websites and have more than 2 feedback / inquiry forms and more than 10 email addresses listed on their website.

If you are unsure of the options below, your assigned project manager will be evaluating your website upon receipt of your order and give you the option of updating any additional found.

ADD A FORM: If you do not currently have an inquiry form on your website, for an additional $129 we can add a general feedback / inquiry form onto your website. A general inquiry form is the perfect solution for offering a quick way for customers to contact you, allowing you to ask them the specific questions you need to know. This includes: contact name, email address, phone number (optional), comments / questions box, and up to 2 additional questions can be asked.

If you have more than 2 website feedback / inquiry forms on your website, we can update those forms as well for a price of $89 each. Please select the number of forms over 2 you have on your website below, if any.

EXTRA EMAIL ADDRESSES: If you have more than 10 email addresses on your website, we offer additional packages of 10 email addresses for $25 each. Please select from the number below if needed:

Additional Information:
Please list any other additional information you feel may be relevant to your project needs:

terms of service: click [HERE] to view our terms of service.

By clicking the I ACCEPT button below, you agree to the terms of service and authorize Tsunami PC Productions to charge your credit card the amount you have selected above.

By submitting this order, you are representing that you are the owner or authorized user of this credit card. Tsunami PC Productions is very serious about our policies towards credit card fraud. Any credit card orders placed that are found to be fraudulent, shall be fully prosecuted.

Upon completion of the processing of your order, you will be sent a followup email from our staff to ask for any additional information we may need, plus a URL link to download a copy of your FREE copy of the "How to Fight Spam" e-book.